About FCOG Ontario
The First Church of God is celebrating 75 years of ministry as a congregation. In 1936 a group of people gathered in the home of Carl Ernsburger for prayer which started the congregation. As the church grew they found a room on North Main Street that was rented as a  meeting place. Finally they located to an old house on West Third Street in which Sunday morning services were held. In 1940 the church became a legally chartered congregation in which we are celebrating 75 years of ministry this year. In 1955 a new worship center was built on Park Avenue West where the current location is. Since then several additions have been added including our new worship center facility. First Church of God has its fellowship with the Church of God in Anderson Indiana. The Church of God comes out of the Holiness tradition with roots in Wesleyan/Arminian theology. The national Church of God began around 1880 with leaders like D.S. Warner, E.E. Byrun, and A. F. Gray. Salvation, entire sanctification, holiness, unity and amillennialism are central doctrine of distinction of the Church of God historically.  More specific doctrines can be found under the Statement of Faith link.